1..2..3  little round paintings – my first trilogy !

I called them Tree dreams, or Dreams of tree… sweet and colourful. These big and magestic pine trees, alone in the magnificient sky of Provence inspire me freedom, evasion and energy through the giant universe.
As soon as I saw those little round canvas in my local artsupplies shop, I knew what I was going to paint. I would never have imagined I could be inspired to create on round paintings, but creativity has no limits and is surprising. An artist must always be ready to jump out of his confort zone! 
The technique I used it the same I use for my landscapes and seascapes paintings (see in my online galeries) : I use oil paint, I love their glossy and deep colours so much, and their texture which is perfect to be used with pallet knife! 

This trilogy can be settled or hanged together in the same room, corridor or stairs, but can also be separated to create an harmonious whole design style in different rooms of your house!